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Economic Health

What is this key outcome area about? 

Fort Collins promotes a healthy, sustainable economy reflecting community values. 

How much money does it get? 

  • $155.7 million in 2020 

What are the objectives?

  • 3.1 Facilitate government and local partners to achieve effective regional economic resilience. (Budget includes: Economic Health Office, Visit Fort Collins convention and visitor services) 


  • 3.2 Understand trends in the local labor market and work with key partners to grow diverse employment opportunities. (Budget includes: Business & workforce support) 


  • 3.3 Systematically engage the business community with an emphasis on starting, sustaining and renewing businesses(Budget includes: Business clusters & innovation support, Downtown landscaping and maintenance) 


  • 3.4 Foster infill and redevelopment opportunities consistent with City Plan policies. (Budget includes: General Improvement District, metro districts and Urban Renewal Authority) 


  • 3.5 Invest in and maintain utility infrastructure and services while ensuring predictable utility rates. (Budget includes: Light & Power electric utility servicesupdates and maintenance) 


  • 3.6 Deploy and deliver reliable, high-speed internet services throughout the community. (Budget includes: Connexion broadband services) 

What are some current sample projects in this outcome area? 

How can I get involved with this key outcome area?

  • You can complete the short survey to prioritize the objectives in this outcome.
  • You can also get involved in some of the projects described above and have your voice heard!
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