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Environmental Health

What is this key outcome area about? 

Fort Collins promotes, protects and enhances a healthy and sustainable environment. 

How much money does it get? 

  • $61.9 million in 2020 

What are the objectives?

  • 4.1 Intensify efforts to improve resilience and to meet 2030 climate, energy and 100% renewable electricity goals. (Budget includes: Renewable energy, Environmental Services, Climate action planning) 


  • 4.2 Improve indoor and outdoor air quality. (Budget includes: Air quality program) 


  • 4.3 Enhance efforts to achieve 2030 zero waste goals. (Budget includes: Waste reduction, recycling and the Timberline Recycling Center) 


  • 4.4 Provide a reliable, high-quality water supply. (Budget includes: Water utility services, water treatment, monitoring and quality) 


  • 4.5 Protect and enhance natural resources on City-owned properties and throughout the community. (Budget includes: Natural areas program, operations and management; Nature in the City program) 


  • 4.6 Sustain and improve the health of the Cache la Poudre River and all watersheds within the city. (Budget includes: Water reclamation, Stormwater utility services, Wastewater utility services) 


  • 4.7 Expand the Natural Areas land portfolio while simultaneously maintaining existing lands and improving equitable access to nature. (Budget includes: Land conservation, Natural Areas education and engagement) 

What are some current sample projects in this outcome area? 

How can I get involved with this key outcome area?

  • You can complete the short survey to prioritize the objectives in this outcome.
  • You can also get involved in some of the projects described above and have your voice heard!
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