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High Performing Government

What is this key outcome area about? 

Fort Collins exemplifies an efficient, innovative, transparent, effective and collaborative city government. 

How much money does it get? 

  • $116.7 million in 2020 

What are the objectives?

  • 7.1 Provide world-class municipal services through operational excellence and a culture of innovation(Budget includes: Utilities customer service, technology, community engagement and education; City Council; Boards & Commissions; City Manager’s office, policy, legislative and performance excellence programsprocurement; Safety, Security & Risk Management; City Clerk’s office, elections, marijuana licensing)

  • 7.2 Maintain the public trust through a high performing board, as well as organizational transparency, legal and ethical behavior and regulatory compliance. (Budget includes: Financial and accounting services; general legal services) 


  • 7.3 Improve effectiveness of community engagement with enhanced inclusion of all identities, languages and needs. (Budget includes: Centralized communications office, social media, inclusive public engagement, translations, emergency communications, FCTV video services and cable channels 14 & 881) 


  • 7.4 Attract, retain, engage, develop and reward a diverse and competitive workforce to meet the needs of the community now and in the future. (Budget includes: City human resource services, talent development, recruitment, health and wellness benefits) 


  • 7.5 Foster a culture of safety, well-being, resilience and sustainability across the City organization. (Budget includes: Sustainability services administration) 


  • 7.6 Utilize technology, data, metrics and process improvements to innovate, guide decisions and enhance service delivery. (Budget includes: Utilities meter reading, Budget services, process improvement, information technology, Geographical Information Services, Open Data) 


  • 7.7 Address long-term projected gap between available revenue and what is required to meet known and emerging needs. (Budget includes: CityGive programs & services) 


  • 7.8 Maintain and protect assets and infrastructure to drive reliability, cost effectiveness, efficiency and improve the customer experience. (Budget includes: Facilities and fleet maintenance, utilities maintenance, IT equipment replacement, custodial services) 


  • 7.9 Proactively influence policy and legislative development at all levels.

What are some current sample projects in this outcome area? 

How can I get involved with this key outcome area?

  • You can complete the short survey to prioritize the objectives in this outcome.
  • You can also get involved in some of the projects described above and have your voice heard!
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