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Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity by attending an upcoming event, dive in and share your personal story, or immerse yourself with continued engagement by becoming a Community Guide, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved in Home2Health. We encourage you to join in the community discussion, stay engaged in the Home2Health process, and participate in creating positive changes in our community.

Upcoming Event: Strategic Doing

If you can give two hours a month and are ready to take action on housing affordability and health equity, mark your calendars for January 27, 10am-2pm for our next Home2Health event. This event will utilize Strategic Doing to build on the work completed at the November Housing Our Future forum. We are incredibly excited to get to work and hope you will join us!

More information about Strategic Doing can be found here:


The Home2Health project is seeking storytellers! We invite you to share your story about housing and health as we work together to identify concrete ways to improve housing affordability and health equity in Fort Collins.

As difficult as it can be to share your personal story - which may include both triumphs and tribulations - sharing your experience is one of the most powerful ways to help all of us better understand the housing and health challenges facing our community. Whether you are a resident, a developer, an employer, or a student, storytelling can help bridge the gap between everyday life and policy to build more equitable housing opportunities for everyone.

We would love to hear more about your story - please click here to get started! Deadline for responses is January 19, 2020.

Community Guides

The Center for Public Deliberation at CSU, in collaboration with the Home2Health project, is seeking Community Guides. A Home2Health Community Guide will play a critical role in shaping housing policy in Fort Collins.

Who can become a Community Guide? - Any individual who is passionate about connecting with a community group, neighbors, friends, or coworkers and facilitating conversations about what these issues mean in their own lives.

The outcome? – All over Fort Collins, people will be gathering, communicating their ideas and guiding conversations around housing affordability and health equity. All you need is a bit of time and interest in hosting great conversations with community members.

To become a Community Guide, click here . Deadline for responses is January 27, 2020

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