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Your Tax Dollars at Work

over 1 year ago

The majority of the City of Fort Collins services are provided through sales and use tax. Do you think the City is providing the right level of service to its residents? Are there areas you would like to see the City invest more money or less money and why? 

The Keep Fort Collins Great (KFCG) .85 percent sales tax was passed by Fort Collins voters in November 2010 to fund critical services and programs for the community. This .85% dedicated tax will sunset December 31, 2020. On February 5, 2019, City Council referred a ballot measure regarding Keep Fort Collins Great revenue replacement to the April 2, 2019 ballot. Fort Collins voters passed the ballot by 61%.

This measure will continue the .85% tax by increasing the on-going tax rate by .60% and adding a renewable .25% tax through 2030.

The City of Fort Collins uses this important revenue stream for road improvement projects, increased staffing and facilities for our emergency responders, the diverse needs in our Parks and Recreation Department and other community priorities.

Please scroll below to see how the tax is divided per the ballot language and to view the previous year’s services and programs funded by this revenue.

  • thebarbershoppe about 1 year ago
    Southeast Fort Collins needs a Power Trail underpass at Harmony to connect to the rest of the city and a bus route that runs north/south on Timberline. Traffic on south Timberline since new housing was built is a problem.
  • BruceHendee about 1 year ago
    The City should consider replacing the need for support through sales and use tax. This dependence fosters an unhealthy reliance on consumption of goods and encourages competition with surrounding communities for sales tax. The result is a never ending battle for tax which results in widening land consumption, competition with surrounding cities and an unstable tax base. For example the agreement to financially support Foothills Mall was based on an assumption of revenue per square foot which has never been realized. This approach has been utilized throughout the country for years and often is unsuccessful. Some measure of sales tax is useful and necessary, since it is a consumption tax and discourages unreasonable use of resources. It also helps by bringing in revenue from tourism and outside visitors that consume city services. Use of city services though can also be measured through other measures such as per household, energy use, square footage etc. To really tackle an alternative approach would require extensive dialogue and public debate. This forum seems to be the right forum for this discussion.Currently the City provides a good balance of services but the funding source is subject to a never ending cycle of consumption that is in direct conflict with Carbon reduction goals. The sales tax model has been commonly used throughout the United States but, as we grapple with Climate Change and the continuing depletion of natural resources it is time for a new approach. Fort Collins has always been a leader in creative thought and policy. Now would be a good opportunity to change this outdated approach.
  • cari.b.brown about 1 year ago
    I love all the amenities Fort Collins has to offer! I work just 5 minutes from a natural area, which makes staying healthy so much easier. My son also loves visiting all of our wonderful parks! I do worry about our police to citizen ratio. Last I heard (in 2016), our ratio is lower than average, which has me concerned long-run. Along the same note, I feel it's also important our police are paid enough to live in the same city they are working in. I would also like to see higher levels of Transit offered.
  • pshyvers about 1 year ago
    To be frank, one area I hope to see the city spend a bit less in the future is fire & police services. I spoke of 1A in another discussion section here, which should reduce the demand on emergency services. But additionally, as a tax payer I feel like I see astonishing numbers of patrol cars and fire engines responding to tiny incidents. I have heard the policy is to "roll everything", for every call. I'm not normally one to obsess over reducing government spending, but this has seemed like a place where we may not be very efficient with our spend. I of course cannot tell the fire department how best to provide services- but the fire department, if facing a modest reduction in budget, can with their expertise determine how to best adjust their services. On a different tack, a place I would like to see increased spending, I would like to see some dedicated funding for building multiuse trails. I was informed by city staff that the city has no tax revenue marked for multiuse trail development, only grants and lottery revenue. This shocked me, as trails are a huge part of what makes this a great place to bike, something I take a lot of pride in.
  • mbparrish about 1 year ago
    I think the status quo is mostly fine with regard to spending. However, we need to address commuting by adding entry level basic housing near the places people work. We have doubled traffic because we have a lot of jobs, but it's too expensive to live near them. Timnath and Wellington boomed overnight because we didn't allow enough housing development, and now we have a lot more traffic. We also need to get rid of U+2, which keeps people from living more compactly.
  • about 1 year ago
    What other ways are these services paid for?
    • Admin Commented FCAdmin about 1 year ago
      The City's main options for revenue are taxes and fees. All the areas currently receiving KFCG funding also get varying amounts of funding from the General Fund. The General Fund comes from the base 2.25% tax. Other funding can also include grants, especially in the transportation area.
  • Jkammerz over 1 year ago
    The first iteration of this tax included making prospect street 4 lanes to I 25. The city doesn’t deserve more funds until they keep this promise. Also the dirt streets in the last forcible annexation in southwest Fort Collins show that this tax is NOT working to keep Fort Collins great.
    • Admin Commented FCAdmin over 1 year ago
      The Keep Fort Collins tax did not list any specific projects but instead dedicated money to key service operations. I have added the ballot language to the document library for reference.
      • Jkammerz over 1 year ago
        Bait and switch ballot language vs the artists version that was widely circulated showing 4 lanes at the times when it was being annexed. Why did you bother? There was a fully functional 2 lane road before and what we have now is a two lane road with overgrown weed choked median with street lights to keep the wildlife at bay. As far as the forced southwest annexation, the new city streets like La Eda lane deserve to be treated like the streets around Oakridge. You forced them into the city to expand your tax base, you must take over full maintenance on the streets and upgrade them to minimum city standards.
  • cedelen over 1 year ago
    I don't see what this tax is being used for specifically that isn't already covered with other taxes. Also, what accountability is there in the spend? I love Fort Collins and feel that the city is beautiful. I'd like to see more interconnected trails and improved public transit options. But we also need to figure out how to provide housing that is affordable for the working poor and lower middle class.
  • JoeR over 1 year ago
    This 'emergency' measure has produced a windfall that now provides funding City leadership views as essential. Quit acting like you have no control over the ever-increasing cost of living in our community when you spend tax dollars like drunken sailors on shore leave!
  • Mr. Morrissette over 1 year ago
    Let KFCG sunset. We can make better use. Maybe'll understand.
  • Boydo579 over 1 year ago
    The major reason that I, and i think many others moved to Fort Collins, was for the unique biking culture here. It's the closest thing I've had to Japan since coming back to America and was my number one reason for choosing to live in fort collins. While there's still aggressive coal-rolling people, the overall community is great and unlike anything in anywhere in the US. If more tax is created, I think it should be that program. More trails, more underpasses, more citizens first urban planning. Connect green spaces with green corridors. Fort Collins has some of the most innovative tech companies located here, the city should also innovate on the citizen experience. Take lessons from Amsterdam for car, bike, and pedestrian inclusiveness in the same space. Take lessons from Berlin in creating public spaces.Can we also please get some ordinance about light pollution? I thought being away from Denver would allow me to see stars again in the US but it's still an issue with car dealerships and the ungodly bright street lights here. When it snows i mistake the middle of the night for sunrise because of how bright they are.
  • janders622 over 1 year ago
    Please add more money to Culture and Recreation and parks and trails. Please help the budget for tennis court repair and upkeep. Lewis Tennis and Rolland Moore courts and Pro Shop need renovation. Martinez needs court repair for sure. As an avid tennis player and team captain, we use all of the City courts to practice and play our leagues. Thanks:). Joy
  • Parker over 1 year ago
    As long a time resident of Fort Collins, I have heard the mantra "growth pays for itself". Evidently it does not not. I voted for the KFCG tax back in the day. But with property assessments, homeless tax, affordable housing, mental health facility, new jail, on and on...when does it stop. Having said that, I would favor KFCG tax again, maybe...pending how many of the other tax initiatives pass before this one comes up again. Pretty soon we will become Sweden without the health care benefits.