Share Your Feedback on City Plan's Draft "Big Ideas"

You've told us that there are a lot of things in the last City Plan that are working well. In this update, we'll be carrying many policies forward - our commitment to natural areas, parks, and recreation; our focus on great cultural activities and public art; our support for bicycle and pedestrian transportation options; and our community emphasis on environmental sustainability.

We've also heard that we need to adjust our direction in a few important areas like land use, housing, economic sustainability, transportation, and climate action. The "big ideas" section of City Plan describes the changes, adjustments, and additions we're planning to help achieve the community's vision for Fort Collins.

Click the image to see a larger version of the "big ideas" for this update to City Plan (18mb file size). Then, tell us what you think about them by answering the questions below.

City Plan Draft Big Ideas

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