Why is the City updating the Civic Center Master Plan?

    The City of Fort Collins Operation Services Department is updating the Block 32/42 Civic Center Conceptual Master Plan that was completed in 2015. The intent of this update, is to identify current space needs along with planning needs for future staffing, develop a new concept master plan that sets a vision for the two-block site, and to align with recent planning studies, like the 2017 Downtown Master Plan. The updated master plan will provide a design concept and a cost estimate for new municipal facilities and community spaces on the Civic Center campus. The City will use the updated master plan to help secure funding for design of a phased build-out.

    How much additional staff will the City need in the future?

    Based on the growth of the City of Fort Collins and to consolidate services at the Civic Center, the projected staff at the Civic Center location will be approximately 913 in 15 years and over 1300 in 30 years.  Additional City staff including Police, Fire, Parks & Recreation staff will be in other locations throughout the City. 

    Has the Covid 19 pandemic affected the City's plans to resume work at the Civic Center/City Hall?

    The City’s remote work experience during the Covid-19 pandemic was the impetus for studying the use of a 60/40 hybrid work model where employees will average 3 days per week on site and 2 days a week from home.

    What are the plans for Washington Park and other open spaces in the Civic Center?

    Washington Park will be preserved, along with many trees on the site, and it will be to designed to include gathering spaces and connected to a civic plaza and potentially to an amphitheater or performance space.  

    How will this be funded?

    The concepts and phases identified in the Civic Center Master Plan will be used to help secure future funding for the build-out over the projected time period.