Why is this project happening?

    The Oak Street Stormwater Improvements Project has been identified as a top priority stormwater project in the City because it will significantly contribute to resolving the urban flooding and stormwater quality issues in downtown Fort Collins.  

    Watch this short video to learn more.

    How will this affect Oak Street?

    The design of the street replacement and any improvements will be developed to support City and neighborhood goals. Design alternatives will be developed through an interactive design workshop involving stakeholders to guide any planned changes.

    Will residents and businesses be involved in the process?

    Yes. By exploring Oak Street improvements inclusive of any interested stakeholder or community member, we expect to develop a stronger, more sustainable design. It is notable that special attention will be given to the needs and perspectives of Oak Street residents and businesses.

    If you experience challenges providing feedback, contact a project representative at 970-221-6847.

    What is a design "alternative?"

    An “alternative” is simply one of the design concepts or ideas being considered. The workshop will produce several alternatives that will be refined. Eventually a final alternative will be developed and implemented.