What is this resolution proposing?

    The resolution proposes a ban on giving out single-use plastic bags as well as a fee (amount to be determined) on paper bags, which would apply to large retail grocers in Fort Collins and would begin on May 1, 2022. Council will be seeking community input on this ordinance in an April ballot measure. You can view the original resolution here.

    How could this economically impact community members in Fort Collins?

    A cost exemption of the paper bag fee would be given at check-out to participants who provide a benefit card that shows they are enrolled in Federal, State, or County income-qualified aid programs to address the needs of low-income residents. The equity impacts of the ban/fee would be monitored and addressed, and additional wording in the ordinance would allow for the program to be paused if public health emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances should arise.

    Where will the paper bag fee go?

    The proposed ordinance says that a portion of the fee would go towards plastic pollution mitigation and solid waste reduction programs.

    Why does this resolution only address large retail grocers?

    Many large retail grocers have already made this change in other areas of the US, which is why they were chosen as the first businesses to introduce this ordinance.