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What’s your biggest concern about affordable housing?

by abierbower, almost 2 years ago
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  • n.lieurance 3 months ago
    Affordable housing in Fort Collins is not actually affordable. A family of four making $70,000 a year can't swing a $305,000 house at $1750 a month. 30% of gross monthly income is just too much for a family making 80% of the median income. Even if they could pay that much, there's almost nothing in Fort Collins at that price.
  • achase 3 months ago
    Hello, I personally feel as though there are not enough housing options for low-middle class residents, especially younger home buyers. All new developments are the same cookie cutter houses and town homes with 3 bedrooms and two baths for $350-400k. Especially for young residents this is out of our price range. I believe there needs to be more development for starter homes for our young residents. We do not need that much space, most of us have yet to start families. However, in order to enter the housing market we need something that is more affordable. For most people, the largest investment they make in their lives is their house. As young residents, we need to be able to make that investment early, but unfortunately we are currently priced out of the housing market when houses are $350-400k. The City of Fort Collins produces a lot of young talent out of CSU, and retaining that talent with lower cost starter homes is critical to building a strong economy for the future of our city.
  • hainesjd 10 months ago
    Affordable housing for families that meet poverty-level criteria is an important issue, and not only for those families who qualify. There's a large subset of lower-middle-class families that make just enough not to qualify for these subsidies, yet are still affected by the dearth of housing options in our city. These families are forced to remain renters while rent prices have increased considerably, even as home vacancies increase and cost of living increases outpace the national average.This has far-reaching effects. A higher percentage of FC workers have to commute further daily to more affordable housing, increasing road traffic. Consistent population increases mean grocery stores, restaurants, etc. see increased business and hire more low-wage workers, feeding a higher need for affordable housing.It is clear to anyone that has lived in FC a long time that the income demographics of the city are changing. The population of our city is expected to double in 30 years, partly due to the affordability crisis Denver is experiencing. If we don't embrace this change and provide infrastructure for our residents, we will experience the same crisis.
  • bea.krum over 1 year ago
    I've been noticing that there are a handful of realtor/investor teams who are systematically buying houses in the $300K-$400 range, making cosmetic changes (new flooring, grey paint, white tiles, etc.) and then putting them back on the market at 1.5 - 2 times the price they originally paid. This is certainly contributing to the problem of affordability.
  • Parker over 1 year ago
    My biggest worry, is that the city will have to subsidize it through bond or new taxes and the developers/builders make all the profit. They then leave and the burden is on the Fort Collins or Larimer County tax payers. The permission to develop/build should include contingency the developer add lower cost housing to any new development.
  • FredFortCollins over 1 year ago
  • bea.krum over 1 year ago
    I'm not sure where this comment fits best in this discussion, but I'm listening to the video of the recent "Cross Currents" discussion and the panelist from the FCBoR made a comment that indicated that the rising cost of housing we are experiencing now is a "correction" following the 2008-10 recession. He also claimed that investors with cash offers are not a problem. So my concern is that this industry-which makes it's money from real estate commissions-is a part of the problem. I don't know how to fix that other than to refuse to pay those commissions (it's certainly not a requirement that housing transactions be brokered by these middle-men) and perhaps make people aware of this perspective-that increasing housing values is a good thing-would help.
  • Bierboweram almost 2 years ago
    I'm wondering if the development will be able to keep up with the growth rate.