Coloradoan: Should Fort Collins prepare for growth with taller buildings and more buses?

about 1 year ago
Coloradoan image planning

Fort Collins will undoubtedly be a different place in 2040. But how radically should the city lean into emerging trends and forces that will shape that change?

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Kmart 10 months ago
Add more buses also including shelters and benches to accomodate more of our aging populations use of buses. Buildings will need to go up to accomodate growth but keep a balance in consideration of the surrounding neighborhood.
lildiamond88 10 months ago
Yes, I also agree with more busses. I strongly disagree with increasing building heights. Views will be obstructed, and the charm of our city will rapidly decline. Keep building heights congruent throughout our community, our neighborhoods and commercial lots.
Shellyloree 12 months ago
Buses, yes. Taller buildings, definitely not. They would destroy the charm of our historic downtown and block the mountain views. Horsetooth Rock and the foothills are part of our city's identity. We don't need to grow into an ugly metropolis.
mamatron 12 months ago
I’d definitely like to see more buses, but for the sake of connectivity, more protected bike lanes and rec trails as well. The buses could use more bike racks, why not on the back? I think we will need to move to taller buildings eventually but I don’t think we need to jump the gun and build them before they’re needed. I agree with bea.krum that they should be in proportion to the nearby buildings.
cedelen 12 months ago
We need to accommodate for denser populations in order for mass transit to be financially viable. We also need to do a better job of attracting companies with high paying jobs and creating incubators and attracting entrepreneurs who can add more jobs. Too many highly qualified people in Fort Collins are working for low wages, work 3 part time jobs, and can barely afford to live here.
bea.krum 12 months ago
More buses - yes. Taller buildings - mostly no. Maybe a phased in approach, both over time and in consideration of existing buildings. There are a few empty lots that are adjacent to single-family neighborhoods where almost all the houses are one-story. In these places the existing maximum height should be retained (and no "variances" or "modification of standards" should be allowed either).