Why is this project happening?

    This project will address known and developing issues along Mountain Avenue in downtown, such as missing sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, streetscape deficiencies, auto circulation, bicycle facility gaps, intersection functionality and curb-use demand (deliveries, on-demand pickups and drop-offs).

    How will this affect parking?

    It is a project intent to retain existing parking to the greatest extent possible. Any changes in parking will be a topic of discussion with all stakeholders.

    Will bike lanes be added to Mountain Avenue?

    The Mountain Avenue Reshaping process will be exploring ways to better incorporate bicycles to the Mountain Avenue corridor without disrupting business and transportation needs of the area.

    Will businesses be involved in the process?

    Yes. The process of exploring new concepts for Mountain Avenue will be inclusive of all stakeholders and the public. However, special attention will be given to the needs and perspectives of downtown businesses and property owners.