Why does it matter to have connected neighborhoods?

    The health of our community depends first on the relationships with the people closest to us. Friendship with our neighbors keeps us from focusing on differences and becoming isolated, helping to bring together diverse people within a community. 

    Connected neighborhoods have lower crime rates, higher property value, and even better health of their residents!

    Will you offer child care?

    We offer free child care at our spring session, from April 3rd-May 10th.

    Are there interpreters for non-English speakers?

    There will be an interpreter/translator provided upon request at any of our sessions.  

    What happens when I finish the Core Education classes?

    The you have access to all of our Continuing Education classes - free of charge!  Check our Key Dates section for more information about what topics we will cover in these classes.

    Don't see your question?

    Please contact Katherine Bailey at NSPrograms@fcgov.com for more help!