Fort Collins City Plan: Planning Our Future. Together.

over 2 years ago

Have you ever thought about what Fort Collins might look and feel like 20 years from now?

The latest update to City Plan will be getting underway this winter, and we hope you will help shape the community’s vision for Fort Collins! City Plan will address land use, transportation and transit, and many other topics. When adopted by City Council, the new City Plan will be the overarching policy document guiding decisions and public and private development throughout Fort Collins.

What Is City Plan, Anyway?

City Plan is the comprehensive plan for Fort Collins, and is a policy guide for decisions about our future. One of the earliest and most important parts of developing City Plan will be describing a shared community vision – what kind of place do we want Fort Collins to be in 20 years? We will be attending community festivals and events, facilitating public meetings, and providing lots of opportunities to share your thoughts both in person and online.

Next, we will create several scenarios that illustrate what the future might look like. How will our transportation system change? Where will people live, work, and play? How could the remaining vacant land in Fort Collins develop? After facilitating community discussions about the scenarios, we will then develop policies that will help achieve the kind of future the community envisions for Fort Collins.

Have Ideas? Get Involved!

The best future for Fort Collins is one that we all shape together. As we get underway with City Plan this summer, we hope you will share your enthusiasm, time, and ideas with us! Updating City Plan will take about 18-24 months, and your input will be critical. Each phase of the plan will include lots of opportunities for you to share ideas and participate in the planning process. Register now to stay informed about upcoming events!

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Alan over 1 year ago
We need better architects, and developers paying more attention to our sense of place, as well as demanding clients. We should be better than the current "cookie cutter" practice in both residential and commercial building style, reflecting both laziness and detachment. Many projects resemble each other without following a good model to begin with.
exP&Z member about 2 years ago
I agree with carrielevi. It is obvious that if we don't make provisions and incorporate natural, open, aesthetic, etc. spaces as we develop, then we will be stuck long-term with a lower quality of life. What we are losing is what we worked and taxed ourselves for the past 30 years - public space, open space, and natural areas. Much new development is antithetical to what made us great. Developers do what we require.
Mary Crow about 2 years ago
I agree with carrielevi about the lack of aesthetic appeal of recent developments and have often wondered why developments of so many houses/buildings with only small variations in designs or variations of a few designs in a few repeated and boring colors have been permitted. Why is there not a single contemporary building of any architectural distinction? And what is it with so many new downtown buildings with "lids" which often don't seem to fit any overall aesthetic but are just clamped on top (as if in accord with some fad)? We often hear that we need to reduce the use of cars but is enough being done to encourage walking and biking, esp walking? I'd like to see neighborhoods with open spaces (consider Italy's piazzas) where families could stroll together and sit on benches at the edges of these spaces, where social life could take place. Moreover, such spaces are visually restful and renewing. Perhaps they could incorporate some daring new sculptures. A very small thing that could be done would be to encourage more innovative street names in new developments. Perhaps names from Fort Collins history or names of national or international famous figures, men and women who have been heroes, names that show our pride in Fort Collins (like Wallenberg Drive).
carrielevi about 2 years ago
Cluttered Land Use Code/Zoning:It is clear that the values of those in charge have shifted considerably in recent years as exemplified by the outrageous land use codes for multi-family developments - which seem to be a developer's and tax collector's dream. The "Crowne at Timberline Apartments," and "Trails at Timberline," are prime examples of behemoth developments creating visual pollution with little regard for aesthetic appeal of our precious visual landscape. These new buildings are impenetrable fortresses blocking any view of nature that once existed. The congested narrow strips of green space that remain between the major roads they are perched upon is disproportionate to their size - made worse by puny landscaping. Consideration is not being given to how these developments are affecting the visual landscape of Fort Collins - and is not commensurate with the feel of the rest of the town. The land use codes that were in place when the "The Argyle at Willow Spring Apartments," on Timberline were built - were clearly from a different era - and I have to wonder what has changed. The reasonable stature of these buildings, their varied placement - angled on ample green space are much more attractive than what we are seeing today. It is obvious that what precious open spaces remain in this town, will soon be gobbled up by development - let's be good stewards of the land and of nature and do our part to keep this town beautiful. The recent standards of land use codes are moving in the wrong direction.