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When it comes to affordable housing, what should the City’s role be?

by abierbower, almost 2 years ago
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  • achase 3 months ago
    Hello, I believe the city should consider the diversity of housing options when issuing new building permits. As I mentioned in previous comments, all new houses seem to be large 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses. There are few smaller houses for young professionals looking to invest in their housing future. The current $350k-400k prices for new developments prices young adults out of the housing market. I believe most young professionals would sacrifice some space, and high end features like granite counter tops, of these expensive houses for ones that are more affordable. I agree with many posts that the developers seem to be large multi-state operations and do not cater to our local community needs.
  • Parker over 1 year ago
    Just an opinion and I do not know if it legal, but city should mandate that any new development should have 25% of the new development be either condos (I know developers hate condos due to Colorado liability laws), Duplexes or Town Homes that are a certain price below their targeted dwelling price, e.g. selling single family home for $300K (using number for easy math), Duplex or Town Home would 30% less going for $200K and Condo for $150K.