Keep Fort Collins Great (KFCG) is set to expire. What's next?

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The Keep Fort Collins Great (KFCG) .85 percent sales tax was passed by Fort Collins voters in November 2010 to fund critical services and programs for the community. This .85% dedicated tax will sunset December 31, 2020. On February 5, 2019, City Council referred a ballot measure regarding Keep Fort Collins Great revenue replacement to the April 2, 2019 ballot. Fort Collins voters passed the ballot by 61%.

This measure will continue the .85% tax by increasing the on-going tax rate by .60% and adding a renewable .25% tax through 2030.

The City of Fort Collins uses this important revenue stream for road improvement projects, increased staffing and facilities for our emergency responders, the diverse needs in our Parks and Recreation Department and other community priorities.

Please scroll below to see how the tax is divided per the ballot language and to view the previous year’s services and programs funded by this revenue.

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Keep Fort Collins Great Projects

almost 5 years

Take a look at some of the projects across Fort Collins that are funded using Keep Fort Collins Great voter-approved funds. Simply click on a pin to read more about the various projects.  After looking at the projects, drop a pin above your favorite one and tell us why in the comments.  Please keep the pins visible for others when you drop yours.

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